Take your PRACTICE & your Patient OUTCOMES
to the next level.
The Prana Foundation Co-Founders,
Dr Tamara MacIntyre & Dr Monique Andrews offer a unique view 
Polyvagal theory as Manual Neuroscience.  

Join them as they GUIDE you through a STEP by STEP process to add clinical applications of polyvagal to your practice. 

NEW & IMPROVED *** This course has been updated since 2020 to include Trauma Informed Practice and ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences)


DCs $497  LIVE Class
Students/1st Year Docs $297

Enroll before Nov 1st and save $100

  • 3 hour Live Class Nov 13th
  • ​3CEUs in approved states/prov (only LIVE class)
  • ​1 hour LIVE Q&A follow up (only with Live class)
  • ​Sample Programs & Resources
  • ​Resource library including: 
  • Recording of class
    (60 day access)
  • ​All exercises (pdf)

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WHY consider a course on Polyvagal?
The level of trauma and stress that your patients and your community have experienced in the last year is unprecedented. This has sent their nervous systems & bodies into sympathetic overdrive!

The polyvagal exercises taught in this course will give you the extra edge to help take your patients out of that constant fight or flight mode of protection so many of them are stuck in.

Somatic practices when combined with polyvagal exercises will increase parasympathetic tone and elevate your patient's ability to heal and thrive.

What can you expect from this course?

 We'll teach you the theory and principles to the level that you will feel confident in your knowledge and competant in your application
Our autonomic nervous system is hierarchically arranged with three subsystems that have particular influences on us physically and psychologically depending on how safe (or not) we feel.

Polyvagal Theory gives us a neurophysiological framework to consider the reasons why people act in the ways they do.

Through a polyvagal lens, we understand that actions are automatic and adaptive, generated by the autonomic nervous system well below the level of conscious awareness. This is not the brain making a cognitive choice. 

These are autonomic energies moving in patterns of protection. As a practitioner with this level of awareness, the door opens to compassion, discovery and growth.

This radically evolves the quality of care you can provide and the level of trust you'll engender.

We believe that the foundation of health is feeling safe in your body. Even if you never used a single exercise with your patients and only used the knowledge and practice for yourself it will radically change how you navigate your own personal health practice.
 We'll walk you through the asessment, exercises and their application STEP by STEP

The state of our nervous system determines the story that’s playing out in our minds and the physiology in our bodies at any given point . We are living in unprecedented times. The narrative that's playing out in most people's minds and bodies is one of fear and threat.  

How then can we tap into people's nervous systems to futher assist them in the healing and prepare them for the powerful influence that we as chiropractors and somatic therapists can offer?

We have seen the impact of employing the priniciples of polyvagal as a manual neuroscience in our practice and the results are incredible. 

Through a series of strategies including breathwork, exercises and self care you can offer your patients the tools necessary to alter the tone of the nervous system. 

Combined with your care, the experience your patients will have in your practice will be unparalelled. 

Some of you may be thinking: 
I don't have the TIME or MONEY for a program like this
We thought about that!
That's why we’ve priced this WORKSHOP so that it’s affordable for everyone
We’ve also structured it so it’s 
not a time sink.

Followed by a 1 hour Q&A Session 
for follow up questions!
Dr Tamara MacIntyre is both a Chiropractor and Doctor of Natural Medicine with a Master’s degree in neuroscience. She is a gifted doctor, educator and mentor known for her power, grace and intelligence. She is an internationally recognized authority in chiropractic care and functional medicine. She was the former Dean of Clinical Education at an accredited chiropractic college & has been touted as a “clinical genius” in her profession and has been acclaimed as a role model for female practitioners in the field of integrative medicine. She is the co-founder of The Prana Foundation (www.thepranafoundation.org) offering educational, personal and professional opportunities to health care professionals as well as chiropractic focused clinical mentorship programs.

Dr. Monique Andrews is a chiropractor, neuroscientist and award winning speaker who has been teaching about chiropractic, the brain and the mind-body continuum for 20 years. She teaches internationally on topics such as the Neurophysiology of Subluxation, Neurodevelopment of the Pediatric Patient, Applied Polyvagal as Manual Neuroscience and the connection between Chiropractic and Consciousness. Affectionately known as ‘Dr. Mo’, she is adored by students and docs for her ability to make even the most difficult concepts accessible. She is the CEO of Dr Mo Knows, an interactive Science and Communication Mastery program for chiropractors and chiropractic students. Last year Dr Mo co-founded The PRANA Foundation where she integrates western neuroscience with eastern spiritual practices to serve as a mentor facilitating masterminds and transformative retreats all over the world. Dr Mo’s mission is to help human beings transform through mentorship, education, community & love. Few people possess the expertise, presence and wisdom to make a meaningful impact on humanity. Dr. Mo is a rare gift.


 DCs $497 Live Class 
Students/1st Year Docs $297

Enroll before Nov 1st and save $100

  • 3 hour Live Class
  • ​3 CEUs in approved states/prov (Live class only)
  • ​1 hour LIVE Q&A (only with Live class)
  • ​Sample Programs & Resources
  • ​Resource library including: 
  • Recording of class (60 day access)
  • ​ALL exercises (pdf)

ADD Cultivating Resilience class now and SAVE $200
Register now for ONLY $297

What others are saying about learning about applying polyvagal in practice with Dr. Mo and Dr. Mac...
"I really loved the balance of the neurology and practical application/
"Thank you both for such an amazing presentation this weekend. I am very excited about the easy takeaways and have used them in my practice today!"
“I really got a new sense of how polyvagal awareness, theory & integration is such a natural blend with what we do in practice."
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